Dr. Mary Klingensmith Named Inaugural Director of the Academy of Health Professions Educators

“It is my pleasure to announce that Dr. Mary E. Klingensmith has been chosen to serve as the inaugural Director of the Washington University School of Medicine Academy of Health Professions Educators.

The Academy of Health Professions Educators will strive to create a culture of teaching excellence and a community of leaders in health science education through Academy membership, Academy service and Academy partnerships. With an impressive background in teaching excellence, Dr. Klingensmith will be leading the process to develop the vision, mission, member selection and early programs of the Academy.

Mary is uniquely qualified for this role. Nationally, she has served as the President of the Association for Surgical Education and she recently competed her tenure as the Chair of the American Board of Surgery. In this latter role, she spearheaded major revisions to the national recertification requirements. Locally, she serves as the Vice Chair for Education in the Department of Surgery and as Associate Director of the Wood Simulation Center. Through these and other leadership roles, including her role as interim Senior Associate Dean for Education, she has demonstrated a passion for education and a deep commitment to the support of educators.

I would also like to thank the search committee which was chaired by Amanda Emke, and included Tammy Sonn, Erika Crouch, Robyn Klein, Steve Mennerick and Steve Taff, for its outstanding work.” —Eva M. Aagaard, M.D., FACP, Senior Associate Dean for Education