Academy Membership Application

Washington University School of Medicine’s Academy is a service-based Academy with a selective membership. Membership criteria (outlined below) will require a formal review process with membership selection being a form of high honors. Membership in the Academy is for five years and may be renewable based on evidence of contributions to the academy’s activities and participation in its programs. Members who are elected are expected to actively participate in academy events, including attendance and participation in scheduled Academy meetings (to be held on a roughly once monthly basis). Members will be asked to self-report on engagement on an annual basis, including programming they wish to see developed or expanded. In the application, candidates are asked to indicate areas in which they may desire to participate; these will be finalized after Academy Fellows are selected.

Application deadline: May 15, 2019

Once received, applications will be reviewed by a committee of educators from Washington University School of Medicine, as well as by external reviewers. Notification of accepted candidates is expected by July 1, 2019.

Application review criteria:

Applications will be reviewed based on the attached “Matrix” that describes criteria used in selection. Applicants may find this matrix useful to guide preparation of application materials.

The attached “FAQ” document may be useful; for additional questions,
Contact the Academy of Educators Office:
314-273-7796 |

Application materials

You will be asked to upload the following with your application:

  • Curriculum Vitae
  • Letters of recommendation – (Letter(s) of support shall come from direct supervisor or other individual who can describe impact of education effort. A minimum of one letter is required).
  • Statement of Interest
  • Supplementary documentation (optional)

Statement of Interest requirements

Your statement should be limited to two pages and must contain the following aspects:

  1. Brief statement of how the Academy membership and involvement will fit your professional and personal goals as an educator. What do you hope to contribute to the Academy?
  2. Brief description of your expertise in two of the following domains:
    1. Direct teaching
    2. Instructional development and curriculum design
    3. Advising and mentorship
    4. Educational administration and leadership
    5. Educational research or scholarship
    6. Assessment and evaluation

In rare instances, a candidate for membership may have expertise in only one of the six domains; applicants are encouraged to apply in these instances and will be granted full review.

Supplementary documentation examples

As applicable, attach the required supporting documentation of your expertise by domain, as listed below.

Academy Supporting Documentation Examples

Application form