Program Director Bootcamp Certificate Program

The Program Director Bootcamp is a longitudinal certificate course sponsored by the Academy of Educators.

This program is open to all new and long-standing residency and fellowship PDs from accredited and non-ACGME accredited programs. The program also welcomes existing APDs and aspiring PDs and APDs looking to enhance their skills, build community with GME leaders, learn new skills, create innovations, and focus on career and professional development.

This program will consist of 10 monthly sessions from June 2022 -March 2023. Commitment to 80% of sessions is necessary to achieve completion for the certificate.

A description of the course sessions can be found here, Program Director Bootcamp Certificate Program Agenda.

Sign-ups accepted until capacity is reached

Eligibility: Participants must be able to attend 80% of sessions. (the exact dates and times are listed on the course description page). Please place a calendar hold for these dates when you sign-up.

Program Term: June 2022 – March 2023

Questions: Contact Melody Cox at