Learning Management & Course Administration Systems

The Washington University MD Program uses two online systems to manage complementary aspects of the teaching and learning experience.

In short, Canvas is used by instructors and students to manage specific sections of courses. Additionally, the Faculty Lounge holds a repository of resources for course directors, including handbooks, policies, and CBLO.

OASIS is used for course scheduling, rosters, record keeping, students’ draft calendars and patient logs, curriculum tracking, and other administrative tasks.


MD Program Canvas

The Canvas learning management system (LMS) houses course-specific events and communications, such as lectures, assignments, messages, and study sessions. Canvas course sites for students also include orientation materials, IT help, resources, and guidance.

For assistance with MD Program Canvas, contact OMSEedtech@wustl.edu. NOTE: If you are teaching courses outside of the MD Program, you may also need to access MyCanvas. For MyCanvas support, contact WUSMmycanvas@wustl.edu.

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OASIS is a web-based application that facilitates our medical student scheduling, record keeping, and curriculum tracking. The system provides real-time access to course rosters and basic student and course-focused information, including patient logs, students’ draft calendars, and course management forms. OASIS also links to the Canvas LMS. OASIS is used only by the MD Program at Washington University.

For assistance with OASIS, contact OMSEedtech@wustl.edu.

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