Announcing – Supporting a Fair Environment (SAFE) Initiative Launch

The SAFE initiative aims to improve our learning environment by promoting positive behaviors and managing concerns about mistreatment and unprofessional behaviors. The new Supporting a Fair Environment (SAFE) committee, led by Dr. Lisa Moscoso, Associate Dean for Student Affairs and Dr. Jenny Duncan, Director of Wellness for GME has been working over the past few months to launch this new initiative, which includes a new website , required education modules, and a new process for reporting positive experiences and concerns. This work includes all learners at WUSM, including our graduate and professional degree programs, post-doctoral fellowships and trainees in the WUSM/BJH/SLCH GME Consortium. We encourage all learners, faculty and staff to check out the new website, many of you will find a new shortcut to the website on your WU computers. The icon is the same as the image above.

This month all clinical residents and fellows will receive an email to register for the SAFE education modules in WashU Extended Learning, so they can complete 3 educational modules about mistreatment and the new reporting process. In early January, all students, faculty and staff that interact with our learners will also receive an invitation for these modules. The 3 modules will take approximately 30 minutes or less to complete in total. The education is required because we want to be sure that all of us recognize what mistreatment looks like, understand the consequences of mistreatment, and are able to report when such events occur. We also want everyone to understand what happens when a report is filed. Importantly, the SAFE committee will ensure consistency in our approach across all of our Departments and programs.

In the new reporting system individuals will be able to report anonymously, if they choose, and can still have bidirectional communication in the system by using a password. The link for follow-up is also on the new SAFE website. Learners also have the option to delay action in many cases, in the event they want to wait until rotations are complete or grades are filed. At the new SAFE website, you will also find a link for reporting accolades, so that we can highlight the positive behaviors in our learning spaces. Deidentified, aggregate data regarding accolades and concerns will be reported back to Department chairs, educational leaders and learners throughout the year.

We are optimistic this new leadership supported initiative will begin to make important, positive changes in the culture of our learning environment. We hope that everyone will commit to this important work in promoting an environment of inclusive excellence for all.