Catch up on awards and appointments, initiatives and opportunities, and other education-related announcements below.

Eva’s Excerpt May 2024

Embracing Both/And Thinking: A Journey of Growth and Humility As we gather to celebrate the commencement of our graduating students across the medical school campus, we stand at the threshold of a new beginning. Our graduating students have dedicated countless hours to studying and practicing their craft and have navigated unprecedented challenges – from impacts […]

Griffey Installed as GME Director of Patient Safety and Quality Improvement

The Graduate Medical Education office is pleased to announce Dr. Richard Griffey as the new GME Director of Patient Safety and Quality Improvement. Beginning in July 2024, Dr. Griffey will lead the GME efforts in patient safety and quality improvement curricula and initiatives while helping to ensure the GME Consortium meets ACGME Institutional Requirements. Dr. […]

Eva’s Excerpt April 2024

Feedback: Breaking Through Barriers I hope April finds you well and with a renewed SPRING in your step! Congratulations to all our students and programs who successfully completed the Match process. Thank you to all the faculty, staff, residents, and fellows who advised, supported, and managed the process. The Ides of March are always an […]

Eva’s Excerpt March 2024

“Heal your mind, heal your body, heal the world.” – Unknown In January, I charged us all with a few resolves for 2024 and intentional focus on communication and feedback, mentoring and role modeling, and wellbeing. March, which marks the beginning of spring, Match Day and March Madness, feels like a fitting time to focus […]

Eva’s Excerpt February 2024

The last several months I have been reflecting on people who influence who I try to emulate as a physician, teacher and a leader. I remember as a resident being distraught as I realized with certainty that my patient was dying and that nothing I was doing was helping. I felt responsible and like a […]

Eva’s Excerpt January 2024

Nurturing Resolve: A Commitment to Support and Empower Our Education Community As we embark on another year of shaping the minds and character of future healthcare professionals and scientists, it is a time for reflection and renewal. This year, I’d like to call on us all to channel our collective resolve towards supporting and empowering […]

Eva’s Excerpt December 2023

“Feeling gratitude and not expressing it is like wrapping a present and not giving it.” – William Arthur Ward The holiday season is a time for gratitude. It is easy to become consumed by the tragedies unfolding around the world and closer to home, and it is important to remember that there remains much to […]

Eva’s Excerpt November 2023

I have been struggling to sleep the last several weeks. I fall asleep fine – generally tired out by the events of the day, but I wake up a few times each night and then drag myself out of bed at 5 AM to start the day. I notice I am not as patient as […]

Eva’s Excerpt October 2023

“Success is Leased and the Rent is Due Every Day” ~ JJ Watt and Buddy Morris Many of you will have read the wonderful article about our LCME outcomes in The Record last month. I hope every one of you is proud of what we have accomplished because it is all of our collective work […]

Eva’s Excerpt September 2023

On Tuesday, September 5th, we welcomed the last of our entering learners (MD Program) to campus. Others, including residents and fellows, have already settled in, but most started sometime in August and are still finding their bearings. I had the pleasure of welcoming some of these amazing people personally during their respective orientations. Each year […]