Academic Societies – Know and Go!

The Academic Societies were created in 1986-87 as a means to bring students and faculty together outside of the classroom. Every student and faculty member is assigned to one of three societies, each named after notable members of our school’s history: Cori, Erlanger-Graham, and Lowry-Moore. Every year each of the societies hosts events, big and small, that allow students to engage with each other and faculty in a social or educational setting. The mission of the society program is to provide a platform for students to escape the rigors of curriculum, seek and find mentors and engage in dialogue with faculty, and develop a rapport and identity with(in) the WUSM Community.

The Office of Student Affairs encourages our faculty to take advantage of the opportunities that the Societies provide for engaging with students. Please watch your email for invites to events and other opportunities, such as hosting small dinners, at your home or at a restaurant, with our students.

For additional history regarding the societies, please refer here for further reading.

For any and all questions, please contact Andy Wiegert at