Works in Progress Group

The Medical Education Research Unit will begin a monthly gathering of faculty in the School of Medicine who are working on education scholarship projects, or would like to begin a project. This is an opportunity to discuss education scholarship at all levels of development, from developing an idea for a project to preparing results for dissemination at professional meetings or writing manuscripts. We will give each other feedback on research questions, study designs, curriculum development projects, grant proposals, interpretation of data, presentations, and any other aspect of education scholarship that will help the faculty engage in education scholarship. We will learn together, provide feedback, network to find collaborators, build skills for scholarship, and in doing so build the capacity of the faculty to engage in education research and scholarship.

We plan to meet on the second Monday of each month at 4:30 pm via Zoom. If you are interested, contact Jan Hanson. If you are interested but can’t meet at this time, please let me know and we’ll consider options.