Instructional Design Studio

In response to COVID-19, the Instructional Design Studio has made some changes. Review our COVID-19 guide for more information.

COVID-19 Guide

About the studio

Welcome to the Instructional Design Studio (ID Studio), located on the lower level of Becker Library. The 700 square foot space includes a formal sound-proof video-recording studio as well as a smaller Do-It-Yourself Studio (DIY Studio). The two studios support the creation of high-quality video resources by faculty to enhance student engagement with course materials.

The video-recording studio includes greenscreen technology, a lightboard, and can be used to capture interviews and other demonstrations. The DIY Studio provides instructors a quick and easy format to record screencast videos, drawing videos, or talking head explanation videos. For a full list of examples, please see our Project Highlights.

Our team is available to walk you through each step of the process, whether you’re still refining your educational goals and choosing a video type to editing for a polished and seamless learner experience. A fully-equipped conference area provides a private meeting space for idea generation and demos. For a description of what to expect and some general best practices, please see our Services.

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Meet the team

Carolyn Dufault, PhD
Assistant Dean, Educational Technology & Innovation
Director, Instructional Design Studio

Carolyn is an Assistant Professor of Medicine. She completed her PhD and post-doctoral training in the Department of Psychological and Brain Sciences at Washington University with a focus on changes in memory and attention across the lifespan. She has been at the School of Medicine since 2013. In her current role, Carolyn leads teams who, together with partners across the school of medicine, are developing the new digital tools and spaces to support effective teaching and learning. She is passionate about balancing the drive to innovate with the need to thoughtfully select and implement new technology.

Erin P. Morris, MA
Manager, Instructional Design Studio
Senior Education Specialist/Instructional Designer

Erin Morris serves as the Education Specialist/Instructional Designer for the WUSM Office of Education Instructional Design Studio. She earned her master’s in education with an emphasis in higher education from Lindenwood University and is currently working toward her doctorate of education with a focus on instructional leadership. Erin supports the School of Medicine’s educational programs through partnership with faculty on the thoughtful use of best practices in educational design principles which includes the technologies housed in the ID Studio. Erin’s primary focus is on supporting the development of the new Gateway Curriculum; she also provides support and resources for other WUSM educational programs.

Kaci Weston

Kaci Weston is a full-time videographer for the Instructional Design Studio. She has a Master’s Degree in Cinema and Media Arts and has over 10 years of experience within video production. As a part of the Instructional Design Studio, Kaci will conceptualize, produce, shoot, and edit high quality digital videos, with a focus on supporting all school of medicine education programs.


Contact information

Office Location: Becker Library (Lower Level)
660 S. Euclid Avenue, St. Louis, MO 63110