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Welcome to the Instructional Design Studio! The ID Studio, or IDS, is both a team of professionals and a physical space. Together, our goal is to assist faculty in the design and development of high-quality educational resources for our learners.

Located on the lower level of Becker Library. The 700 square foot space includes a formal sound-proof video-recording studio as well as a smaller Do-It-Yourself Studio (DIY Studio). The two studios support the creation of high-quality video resources by faculty to enhance student engagement with course materials. We additionally have access to a variety of software to expand your teaching beyond traditional video. To see some examples of what we can do, check our our Project Highlights! For a description of what to expect and some general best practices, please see our Services.

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Meet the team

Meghan Sullivan, MEd

Meghan Sullivan, MEd

Manager, Instructional Design Studio; Senior Education Specialist/Instructional Designer

Education Team

Our team of Education Specialists/Instructional Designers has a combined total of over 30 years’ experience and formal training in education.  This team combines evidence-informed teaching and learning theory with best practices on the intentional use of education technology. The Education Specialists/Instructional Designers support all projects through backwards design, assist with the planning and development of content for digital assets, such as videos and interactive modules, and help design both synchronous and asynchronous sessions.

Kirsten Tidwell, MA

Kirsten Tidwell, MA

Education Specialist/ Instructional Designer

Creative Team

The Videographers at the ID Studio together have more than 20 years’ experience in videography and visual design. They provide expertise to ensure that digital education assets are of the highest quality, helping to create the best possible experience for our learners.

Kaci Weston, MFA

Kaci Weston, MFA


Contact information

Office Location: Becker Library (Lower Level)
660 S. Euclid Avenue, St. Louis, MO 63110
Email: idstudio@wustl.edu