Washington University School of Medicine is recognized among the top medical schools in the world, and this is achieved due to the many efforts of our outstanding faculty and staff. Throughout the year, faculty and staff are recognized and rewarded for their outstanding contributions to the education, clinical and research missions.

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Academy of Educators annual awards

The Academy of Educators at Washington University School of Medicine is an institutional collaboration of educators who together will foster a culture of educational excellence and an institutionally valued community of leaders in health science education.

The Academy of Educators supports and recognizes WUSM educators through various awards and scholarship opportunities. For awards, submission requirements and timelines, click here.

“Beyond providing support for education projects, the Loeb Fellows is an investment in the future of medical education at our institution and its impact will be felt for decades to come. Being a Loeb Fellow has been the greatest honor of my time as a faculty member!”

Ian Hagemann