Access office contact pages within the Office of Education:

  1. Undergraduate Medical Education
    • Medical Student Education
      Continuously improves the curriculum to train future doctors and leaders in biomedicine
    • Medical Student Admissions
      Identifies and recruits the best and brightest students who meet the mission statement of Washington University School of Medicine
    • Medical Student Affairs
      Supports the professional and personal development and well-being of medical students
    • Medical Student Research
      Engages students in scientific investigation that spans the activities of the academic medical center
    • Diversity Programs
      Promotes health equity by increasing the diversity of the academic work force and increasing community engagement to improve health
  1. Graduate Medical Education
    Evaluates residency and fellowship programs to continuously improve the learning experience and support thoughtful patient care
  2. Continuing Medical Education
    Facilitates physicians’ lifelong learning for educational renewal and advancement to improve patient care
  3. Academy of Educators
    Fosters a culture of educational excellence and an institutionally valued community of leaders in education via a collaboration of educators
  4. Medical Education Research Unit
    Conducts research and scholarship on medical education and provides consultation and guidance to investigators engaged in medical education outcomes research
  5. Program Evaluation & Continuous Quality Improvement
    Provides critical information and analyses to education leaders through program evaluation and continuous quality improvement for the advancement of medical educational programs
  6. Educational Technology and Innovation Unit
    Support and promotes the innovative use of educational technology with the goal of advancing teaching and learning
    • Educational Technology Systems and Support 
      System administration and support for defined platforms and schools within ETIU and primary liaison to WUIT, vendors and system partners in educational technology
    • Instructional Design Studio
      Supports innovation and implementation of best practices in health professions education by partnering with faculty in the design and production of instructional materials and digital resources

Additional contacts include: