Eva’s Excerpt May 2023

“Go into the world and do well. But more importantly, go into the world and do good.” Minor Meyers, Jr, PhD.

May is my favorite month of the academic year. Reflecting on the journey of the learners we teach – what they have experienced and how much they have grown- fills me with gratitude. Gratitude for the learners who have challenged us to be better. Gratitude for the faculty and staff who consistently rise to that challenge. Gratitude personally for the ability to contribute meaningfully to the world. Commencement is a moment of pride and joy, an opportunity to recognize what we have collectively accomplished, and to ponder what our learners will go on to become and contribute to society.

I had the pleasure to experience some of the contributions of prior graduates at the Wash U MD Program Alumni Celebration on April 21-22. We honored some exceptional alumni including Vineet Arora, MD ’98, Carol North, MD ’83, MPHE, Audrey Rostov, MD ’88, and Richard Wahl, MD ’78, each of whom has made incredible contributions to their fields and to the world. I was in awe as I heard about their research, innovation, education, policy, and community service contributions. I also had the privilege of hearing from many of the alumni who visited about what WashU SOM meant to them, how they cherish their memories from their time here, and the unique culture of collaboration and caring that exists among students and between students, house staff, faculty, and staff. I knew this to be true, but hearing how it had influenced them and their journey really solidified for me the importance of what we do every day in education. The events also included a wonderful celebration of the Legacy Curriculum and its exceptional teachers. Check out this awesome video that describes the experience of current and former students and what they will take away with them as a result of their time here. As we move through the month of May and celebrate commencement, I hope we will take time to celebrate the many wins that this transition signifies and the hope for the future that it creates. Each of you – students, house staff, faculty and staff- contributed to the journey of our graduates in some way. Thank you for that. This month, I close my excerpt with a charge to our learners and our education community from Dr. Minor Meyers, scholar, educator and leader who said, “Go into the world and do well. But more importantly, go into the world and do good.” The future is brighter because of our graduates and all of us who teach, support, and encourage them along the way.