Eva’s Excerpt October 2022

Do you ever wonder what our strengths and weaknesses are as an institution? Want to know? Well, it turns out this is a core function of the LCME self-study process. While we won’t know the results of the external peer review process until after the site visit in February (and even after that when the LCME sends back its findings), over the last year we have done a deliberate and in depth review of our strengths and weaknesses. This was accomplished through multiple LCME subcommittees who then presented their findings to an executive committee who compiled a summary report. The final draft of that report is now available to you.  Of course it doesn’t cover everything and it heavily tilts toward education since that is the primary purview of the LCME, but it gives a nice overview. If you have comments, concerns, thoughts or suggestions on the report, I would love to hear them. You can leave those comments anonymously here. Thanks for your engagement in the LCME process.