Thank You Dr. Sabrina Nunez for your Dedication and Passion

Sabrina Nunez, PhD, Assistant Dean for Curriculum and the Basic Sciences, has accepted a position at Yale University as an Associate Professor of Genetics, effective in early June. In her new role, she will be leading their Educational Quality Improvement and Strategy Development—something we all know is a huge strength for her! She will also teach in the Genes and Development course and serve as the Genetics thread director.

As a course director, Dr. Nunez transformed the genetics course, making it consistently one of the highest rated courses in the preclinical curriculum. As an Assistant Dean, she mentored and supported countless faculty as they strove to improve their courses, exams, and teaching. She mentored and supported even more students. She put into place critical process improvements to allow us to continually enhance our education programs. In the last two years, she has been a key leader in our design of the Gateway Curriculum throughout each phase of its development.

She has inspired us all with her passion and ideas. She will be very sorely missed. And, I am so excited for what the future holds for Sabrina and her family in their new home.