WUSM Faculty, Students, and Inter-Professional Colleagues Present at CGEA 2023

Washington University School of Medicine was well represented at the Association of American Medical Colleges (AAMC) 2023 Central Group on Education Affairs (CGEA) Regional Meeting (Indianapolis, IN, April 18-20, 2023). Congratulations to these authors and their presentations! 
•    Carrie C. Coughlin, S. Richard Dunham, Meredith Lehman, Lisa Zickuhr, Nicholas L. Griffith, & Janice L. Hanson 
o    Innovations in Medical Education (poster): Art and Stigma Curriculum: Facilitating Reflection about Patient Stigma among Medical Students 
•    Jennifer G. Duncan, Simone A. Bernstein, Emily A. Slat, & Janice L. Hanson 
o    Innovations in Medical Education (oral): Understanding Sources of Distress Among Resident Physicians
•    William Freeman, Yan Yan, & Donna B. Jeffe 
o    MESRE (Medical Education, Scholarship, Research, and Evaluation) (poster) Causal Mediation Analysis of Disparities in Promotion to Associate Professor by Sex among a National Cohort of Academic Physicians
•    Heather Hageman & Colleen Wallace
o    Workshop: Developing an Interprofessional Professional Development Program for Faculty & Clinicians, Lessons Learned
•    Janice L. Hanson 
o    Small Group Discussion: How you think shapes what you see: How epistemology shapes curriculum, teaching, and learning 
•    Rachel Moquin  
o    Workshop: Reframing Feedback so Learners Can Grow 
o    Small Group Discussion: Facilitating Communities of Practice 
•    Joshua M. Perez-Cruet, Emily Haines, Heather Craig, Stockton Troyer, Caellagh Catley, Caline Mattar, James Li, Atia Thurman, Phil Valko, Angela Hobson, & Janice L. Hanson 
o    Innovations in Medical Education (poster): Piloting Climate Change in Medical School Curriculum