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Call for Gateway Curriculum Facilitators

The Gateway Curriculum is searching for individuals to act as facilitators for several elements of the new curriculum. Selected faculty, fellows and...

Curriculum Renewal Update: Community Engagement

Gateway Curriculum

Curriculum Renewal Update

The Gateway Curriculum design team has entered into the building stage for Phase I content.

We are the academy

Teaching support, resources ramp up in advance of curriculum renewal

Outlook Magazine

Transforming capabilities

New Instructional Design Studio customizes content to meet the needs of today’s students

Outlook Magazine

Curriculum Renewal Update

When the Gateway Curriculum launches in July 2020, our students will have the opportunity to participate in an exciting new...

Instructional Design Studio Update

The Instructional Design Studio, or ID Studio, is now operational. Located on the lower level of Becker Library, the seven-hundred square...

Keystone: The New Teaching and Learning Platform for the Gateway Curriculum

The Gateway Curriculum requires a digital teaching and learning platform designed for Competency-Based Medical Education (CMBE). CBME is built on...

Gateway Curriculum Town Halls with Faculty

The Curriculum teams have been hard at work pulling together the final blueprint for the new curriculum, set to launch...

Curriculum Renewal Update

In this edition we will discuss in more detail the work of the recently initiated curricular design teams.

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