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Instructional Design Studio Update

The Instructional Design Studio, or ID Studio, is now operational. Located on the lower level of Becker Library, the seven-hundred square foot space is a technology-rich environment where faculty are able to design and develop video-based educational resources for School of Medicine students. As of October 2019, the studio is now fully-staffed with a director, videographer, and education specialist/instructional designer. Together, the team of three provides guidance and support toward making an impact with technology resources.

The ID Studio houses two main spaces: a formal sound-proofed recording studio, and a smaller Do-It-Yourself (DIY) studio. The recording studio is a versatile space that can be used to create multiple video types, such as interviews, demonstrations, and chalk talks using our state-of-the-art light board. The recording studio offers a full-service experience with our staff available to provide coaching and real-time editing. The DIY space gives educators flexibility in designing more traditional screencast videos or drawing videos using the Wacom drawing tablet. The ID Studio also has the ability to create other produced resources, such as documentaries and onsite clinical exam demonstrations. Recently, the studio has even begun facilitating the production of educational podcasts. All resources are edited and polished to ensure a seamless student experience. For a list of project examples and inspiration, please visit the Project Highlights page.

In addition to the creation of videos, the education specialist/instructional designer provides advice, guidance, and support to School of Medicine educators from design through development and delivery of resources. Types of support can range from the recommendation and planning of video resources, to assistance with building active learning sessions, such as Team-Based Learning (TBL). Other types of support include the alignment of learning objectives, instructional methods, and assessment of student learning.

We can’t wait to start working with you! For more information or to schedule a visit, please view the Instructional Design Studio website or email